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About Panda Inc.

Panda, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Alan D'Agosto when he purchased his four original Arby's stores. Through the years, Panda has grown from those four original stores to more than 15 stores in the Nebraska and Iowa market.

With growth have come opportunities. Many of our earliest employees have moved up the ladder to become managers and district managers...and still other employees have been with Panda, Inc. for nearly 30 years! The family atmosphere and system of rewards and incentives have helped us attract (and retain) quality employees. And we believe it is those quality employees who have been responsible for our growth.

With plans to add more Arby's locations to the company, Panda's growth translates into many opportunities for qualified and dedicated employees. And as an organization, we are committed to the development and advancement of all our employees. Don't miss your opportunity to grow with us!